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Virtual Reality and its use for most industries

A talk by Jason Barlow
Studio Manager, TalkOutVR

12 October 2020, 12:45 PM

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About this talk

How is Virtual Reality technology revolutionising training and how can it help training in a post COVID world?

From emergency services like UK police forces to Train Operating Companies, manufacturers to educational establishments, everyone is now assessing virtual reality as a method to make their training content more immersive and interesting. It offers the potential to drop a learner into a safe and secure scenario to gain important and crucial skills at their own pace for little cost overall. Now with COVID impacting classrooms, teaching methods and access to training, how can the virtual world be used to give this knowledge and ensure that skill levels can continue to be developed across all industries. During this session you will learn:

-- How is VR being used across different industries?

-- What are the benefits of VR technologies for learning?

-- How will VR help training in a post-COVID training environment?

Jason Barlow

With 5+ years working in FE/HE education, Jason now leads Talkout VR to bring Virtual Reality technologies into different educational settings to revolutionise and modernise the delivery of training. Using games technologies TalkOutVR solutions have created immersive training for emergency services, the rail industry, manufacturing and educational settings.

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