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Birmingham Digital Gateways

A talk by Lydia Buffery, Charlotte Goodger, Harriet Mepham and Dr Wei Wu

13 October 2020, 12:45 PM

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About this talk

We will begin by introducing WeiPoint (Wei's vision when he set up the company, the ideals behind it) and our work (each intern will present their work over the summer, Wei will talk about the work he has done previously). Our work includes our digital books, our online calendars and community outreach.

The main body of our event will be focused on the 'gateways' element of our work - our foreign-language work that aims to improve the accessibility of Birmingham for international students and the wider international community. We will talk about how we have worked with translators, why we have chosen the books (Atlas series) that we have and how we aim to support the international community in the future.

We would also like to talk about working digitally - the 'digital' aspect of our title - and how we have adapted to working fully online. We will talk about why we think that digital resources are the best way forward for our international community and about how working digitally has allowed us to alter our business focus during this difficult time for businesses.

During this session, you will take away:

The importance of language diversity in culture and heritage

Ways that startups can engage with the local community (both by producing products for the community and by working with local freelancers/artistic talent and employing local interns)

How digital modes of working allow flexibility in business goals and aims.

As part of this final point, we will talk about our ongoing projects and how Covid-19 has required us to rethink our business plan for the time being and be flexible in the face of changing digital landscapes.

Lydia Buffery

Lydia Buffery is an intern at local StartUp 'WeiPoint' where she works specifically on content creation. She is responsible for researching and writing about religion in Birmingham which has shaped the city's community, culture and politics throughout history. She believes that technology is a powerful tool that must be utilised to share information and educate others.

Charlotte Goodger

Charlotte Goodger is an intern at WeiPoint, currently working on marketing and social media. Her work with the company includes content creation for social media, grant applications, external contacts and marketing-oriented research. Having lived in the West Midlands for her whole life, she hopes to work to promote local businesses and cultural events and make them accessible to the international community.

Harriet Mepham

Harriet Mepham is a student at the University of Birmingham, studying for a Bachelor's in Ancient and Medieval history. She hopes to promote the heritage of the West Midlands so everyone can enjoy and educate themselves on what is here.

Dr Wei Wu

Dr. Wei Wu has lived in Birmingham for 8 years. His business introduces Birmingham heritage in different languages as well as marketing and promoting local events with a digital calendar. He fell in love with the city and decided to stay and to tell its amazing story to the newcomers. He is also a tour guide at Back to Back, National Trust Birmingham as well as a volunteer at Birmingham Museum Trust.

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