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Accessing R&D grant funding - clear as mud?

A talk by Omar Saeed
Director, Grant Starter

12 October 2020, 10:15 AM

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About this talk

Over the last year, Innovate UK’s R&D grant schemes enabled 642 scaling companies to realise their growth trajectory, unlocking an additional £3bn in private capital on top of the £205m in grant funding provided. However, the spread of the UK’s spend on R&D is highly unequal in geographical terms. In the West Midlands, business investment in R&D is at or above the UK average, despite low levels of public support. This implies an active R&D landscape not getting enough state support. Increased public spending on R&D here could leverage the benefits of private spending still further. However, a key method of increasing public spending on R&D is to bring together an active community of innovators that are informed enough to use R&D grant funding to their advantage. This session will take an independent view on explaining the R&D grant funding process to innovators, highlighting the potential advantages and detailing the scale of current and future R&D funding opportunities. We will highlight areas where innovators fall down with their R&D funding applications and provide expert opinion on how to secure future funding.

Omar Saeed

Omar has seven years of experience in the grant funding sector, working with stakeholders across academia, industry and policy to obtain funding awards totalling £8m. Omar works with stakeholders in Brazil, China and South Korea. His academic background is in energy and economic development, gaining his MSc from University College London.

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