Rob Muir
Chief Digital Officer
Speaking at: Canvas Conference

Professor David Adams
Pro Vice Chancellor
Speaking at: Innovation & Funding Innovation

Shammi Raichura
Regional Cities Lead
Speaking at: Digital Transformation: Tech Power Panel

Fiona Kate Morgan
Speaking at: Tonic 04

Colin Buckingham
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Speaking at: AdvoFest

Sally Goble
Senior Engineering Manager
Speaking at: Agile On The Beach

Paul McNamara
Technical Director
Speaking at: Transforming Your Business Through Innovation

Professor Ganna Pogrebna
Speaking at: Preparing For A Future Connected World

Nicholas Moore
Managing Director, Healthcare
Speaking at: Bioforward

Pam Sheemar
Entrepreneur Development Manager
Speaking at: Future of Personal and Private Banking in a Digital World

Herman Fung
Technology Risk Assurance Manager
Speaking at: Driving Innovation Through Emerging Tech

Kari Lawler
Speaking at: AI Frenzy 2019

Adeel Akram
Lead Solution Engineer
Speaking at: Getting Started With Salesforce

David Glenwright
Head of Training & Special Projects
Speaking at: She Means Business: Training Workshop

Harpinder Sohal
Speaking at: Technology & Digital Marketing Workshop For SMEs

Dale Lane
Event Streams Lead Developer
Speaking at: WM Young Life

Kat Braybrooke
Visiting Lecturer
Speaking at: Making In The Commons

Ash Ali
Speaking at: Google StartUp Grind

James Watson
Chief Marketing Officer
Speaking at: Reality in Virtual & Augmented Worlds

Luke Bannister
Drone Racing Record Holder
Speaking at: The Makers Meet

Joe Gardiner
EMEA Solutions Lead
Speaking at: Developing, Deploying and Operating Microservices in Containers

Jessica Baker
Software Engineer
Speaking at: Fusion Special: Video Game Deployment Pipelines / Internet of Things

Pandelis Zembashis
FullStack Developer
Speaking at: Fusion Special: Video Game Deployment Pipelines / Internet of Things

Stuart Harrison

Stuart Harrison
Ruby Developer at dxw
Speaking at: brumPHP October: Slim v4.0 / Gov.UK Actionmailer